Summer Sanctuary

This was an interesting property to work with. Bounded by forest and conservation land, the concept was a progression of spaces that lead to woodland trails. We accented a stand of mountain laurel with other natives that helped accentuate the portals to the forest. The water garden is a respite from the heat in the summer, dribbled with perennial color throughout. 
Theatre Garden
It’s always a delight when the property owner enjoys plants. Paul is such an enthusiast, he expanded his containerized garden of tropicals the following year. He desired an area to showcase these beauties, which no longer fit into the patio area we constructed the first year. Together we developed a design that would provide the patio space required, and used texture as a backdrop to really showcase these colorful plants. Notice the laurel in bloom! 
The Pergola
This detail was developed after a couple ideas were offered in the concept stage. The structure helps to break the linearity of the space while providing shade in the hot summers. Clematis blooms are staged throughout the season into fall.