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Spectacular Stratton

"Make no small plans", easily describes the challenge of this spectacular property. When grand architecture and magnificent views set the stage for an entertainment area, JSLA responds to complement both. The patio embraces a large custom firepit and built-in boulder seating to optimize the view of Bromley, a wonderfully changing feature throughout the seasons.

A view with a room.

The owners and their guests access the patio from the east garden staircase or the lower level. JSLA fabricated a decorative "dry stream bed", to control winter melt or summer rains, as it adds to the ambiance of the space.

The street number sign was developed as  a whimsical take on the love of winter skiing activities here, as well as a means to block  the electrical service panel located at the beginning of the driveway.

Visualizing the design. VDV
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