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Crafty Country Courtyard

The homeowner of this old Farmhouse called us in to improve the front main entrance and to solve a drainage problem in the backyard.

As the project developed from the initial meetings, the parking area was relocated away from the side access to the house to create a Kitchen Court, with fresh herbs for cutting.

The original drainage ditch that dissected the front yard was moved upslope to facilitate the parking and create a decorative river bed feature.

A sunken plaza was installed in the backyard to solve the moisture problem that was rotting the sill of the building.


"Working with John Sullivan has been a delightful collaborative practice. Along the way, the plan changed, expanded and turned into something better than I would ever had believed. The rock walls and patios are breaktaking and the landscape is exactly what I wanted. Friends and neighbors can't stop raving about what we have done here." -M.C.

Upper Valley Home Improvement Guide, Spring 2011.



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